Convert US Dollar to Canadian dollar (USD to CAD) Currency converter

Welcome to the metric conversion page US Dollar to Canadian dollar (USD to CAD). You can fill a value between US Dollar and Canadian dollar.

Question: How to calculate USD to CAD? Or How many USD to CAD?
Answer: To change from USD to CAD enters the left box, otherwise, enter the right box below.

US Dollar (USD)


Canadian dollar (CAD)

1 USD = 1.0537 CAD   1 CAD = 0.949 USD

Currency Conversion Table of Common Currency Units

Vietnamese dong 22930
Australia Dollar 1.113461753
Canadian dollar 1.053699698
Chinese yuan 6.119613975
Euro 0.7579202668
Indian rupee 65.99788807
Japanese yen 99.35419771
Swiss Franc 0.9344999631
Thai baht 32.02459489
UK Pounds 0.6434592369
US Dollar 1