Metric Conversion

Our data conversion and currency conversion tools allow you to quickly find the conversion you want. Click what you want to convert below. meters to feet, pounds to kilograms, inches to centimeters, US Dollar to Euro. km to miles for kilometers to miles, lb to kg for pounds to kilograms, ml to l for milliliters to l, GBP to INR for UK Pounds to Indian rupees, etc.

Area Converter
acres to square feet(acres to ft2)
m2 to square feet(m2 to ft2)
square feet to m2(ft2 to m2)
hectares to acres(ha to acres)
acres to square miles(acres to mi2)
acres to hectares(acres to ha)
square feet to acres(ft2 to acres)
m2 to acres(m2 to acres )
Currency Converter
US Dollar to Euro(USD to EUR)
UK Pounds to US Dollar(GBP to USD)
US Dollar to Japanese yen(USD to JPY)
Australia Dollar to US Dollar(AUD to USD)
Canada Dollar to US Dollar(CAD to USD)
Euro to Indian Rupee(Euro to INR)
Euro to US Dollar(Euro to USD)
UK Pound to Indian Rupee(GBP to INR)
Fuel Economy Converter
mpg to l/100 kilometer(mpg to l/100km)
liters/100 kilometer to mpg(liters/100km to mpg)
mpg to gallons/100 mile(mpg to gallon/100 miles)
gallons/100 mile to mpg(gallon/100 miles to mpg)
liters/100 kilometer to gallons/100 mile(liters / 100km to gallon/100 miles)
gallons/100 mile to l/100 kilometer(gallon/100 miles to l/100km)
gallons/100 kilometer to l/100 kilometer(gallon/100km to l/100km)
liters/100 kilometer to gallons/100 kilometer(liters/100km to gallon/100km)

Length Converter
feet to meters(feet to meters)
meters to feet(meters to feet)
kilometers to miles(km to miles)
millimeters to inches(mm to inches)
centimeters to inches(cm to inches)
centimeters to feet (cm to feet)
inches to feet(inches to feet)
miles to kilometers(miles to km)
inches to centimeters(inches to cm)
feet to inches(feet to inches)
Mass / Weight Converter
pounds to kilograms(lbs to kg)
grams to ounces(gram to ounces)
kilograms to pounds(kg to pounds)
kilograms to stones(kg to stones)
ounces to grams(ounces to gram)
grams to pounds(gram to lbs)
ounces to pounds(ounces to lbs)
pounds to grams(lbs to gram)
grams to kilograms(gram to kg)
Speed Converter
kilometers/hour(km/h) to miles/hour(km/h to mi/hr)
miles/hour to kilometers/hour(mi/hr to km/h)
knots to miles/hour(knots to mi/hr)
meters/second to miles/hour(m/s to mi/hr)
miles/hour to meters/second(mi/hr to m/s)
feet/second(ft/s) to miles/hour(feet/s to mi/hr)
miles/hour to feet/second(mi/hr to feet/s)
feet/second to meters/second(feet/s to m/s)

Volume Converter
tablespoons to cups
milliliters to l(ml to l)
Milliliters to fluid ounces (ml to fl.oz.)
cubic feet to cubic meters(ft3 to m3)
cubic feet to cubic yards(ft3 to yd3)
in3 to l(in3 to l)
fluid ounces to cups(fl.oz. to c)
teaspoons to tablespoons
in3 to cubic feet(in3 to ft3)