Convert Sri Lankan rupee to Indian rupee (LKR to INR) Currency converter

Welcome to the metric conversion page Sri Lankan rupee to Indian rupee (LKR to INR). You can fill a value between Sri Lankan rupee and Indian rupee.

Question: How to calculate LKR to INR? Or How many LKR to INR?
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Sri Lankan rupee (LKR)


Indian rupee (INR)

1 LKR = 0.496 INR   1 INR = 2.016 LKR

Currency Conversion Table of Common Currency Units

Sri Lankan rupee 1
Australia Dollar 0.008368778532
Canadian dollar 0.007919606928
Chinese yuan 0.04599501863
Euro 0.005696528725
Indian rupee 0.4960401267
Japanese yen 0.74674615
Swiss Franc 0.007023701723
Thai baht 0.2406968552
UK Pounds 0.004836239624
US Dollar 0.007516