Convert UK Pounds to Indian rupee (GBP to INR) Currency converter

Welcome to the metric conversion page UK Pounds to Indian rupee (GBP to INR). You can fill a value between UK Pounds and Indian rupee.

Question: How to calculate GBP to INR? Or How many GBP to INR?
Answer: To change from GBP to INR enters the left box, otherwise, enter the right box below.

UK Pounds (GBP)


Indian rupee (INR)

1 GBP = 102.5673 INR   1 INR = 0.0097 GBP

Currency Conversion Table of Common Currency Units

Australia Dollar 1.73043091
Canadian dollar 1.6375547
Chinese yuan 9.510492078
Euro 1.177883887
Indian rupee 102.5673178
Japanese yen 154.4063587
Swiss Franc 1.452306393
Thai baht 49.76942292
UK Pounds 1
US Dollar 1.5541