Convert Gallons/100 kilometer to l/100 kilometer (g/100km to l/100km)

Welcome to the metric conversion page gallons/100 kilometer to l/100 kilometer (g/100km to l/100km). You can fill a value between gallons/100 kilometer and liters/100 kilometer. To understand the conversion process, we have step-by-step instructions and direct conversion formulas.

Question: How to calculate g/100km to l/100km? Or How many g/100km to l/100km?
Answer: To change from g/100km to l/100km enters the left box, otherwise, enter the right box below.

gallons/100 kilometer (g/100km)


liters/100 kilometer (l/100km)

1 g/100km = 3.78541178 l/100km   1 l/100km = 0.26417205 g/100km

Formula: Converter Guidelines / Converting Formula

g/100km * 3.7854 l/100km
1 g/100km
= l/100km