Convert Euro to US Dollar (EUR to USD) Currency converter

Welcome to the metric conversion page Euro to US Dollar (EUR to USD). You can fill a value between Euro and US Dollar.

Question: How to calculate EUR to USD? Or How many EUR to USD?
Answer: To change from EUR to USD enters the left box, otherwise, enter the right box below.

Euro (EUR)


US Dollar (USD)

1 EUR = 1.3194 USD   1 USD = 0.7579 EUR

Currency Conversion Table of Common Currency Units

Australia Dollar 1.469101436
Canadian dollar 1.390251381
Chinese yuan 8.074218678
Euro 1
Indian rupee 87.07761352
Japanese yen 131.0879285
Swiss Franc 1.232979251
Thai baht 42.2532505
UK Pounds 0.8489801171
US Dollar 1.3194