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US Dollar to Euro(USD to EUR)
UK Pounds to US Dollar(GBP to USD)
US Dollar to Japanese yen(USD to JPY)
Australia Dollar to US Dollar(AUD to USD)
Canada Dollar to US Dollar(CAD to USD)
Euro to Indian Rupee(Euro to INR)
Euro to US Dollar(Euro to USD)
UK Pound to Indian Rupee(GBP to INR)
US Dollar to Indian Rupee(USD to INR)
US Dollar to Canadian dollars(USD to CAD)
US Dollar to Malaysian Ringgits(USD to MYR)
US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee(USD to PKR)
US Dollar to Philippine Peso(USD to PHP)
US Dollars to Thai Baht(USD to THB)
Saudi riyal to Indian Rupee(SAR to INR)
Sri Lankan rupee to Indian Rupee(LKR to INR)